Xinet Customer Exclusive: Get Assets from Capture to Xinet Faster with GLOBALedit 

Thursday, May 23, 2013 1:53:13 PM

XINET users have layout creation and processing covered. Some are still finding it a major challenge, though, to get through the entire production process seamlessly, and with fewer vendor solutions. There seems to be a “black hole” in the creative process right after the shoot, causing delay for Xinet users to get access to selected and approved assets.

North Plains partnered with GLOBALedit to eliminate that black hole. GLOBALedit is hosting this webinar for XINET customers to learn how Xinet and GLOBALedit, when used together, can provide more value to the creative process.

In this webinar, GLOBALedit will show Xinet customers:

-How to speed up the production process by having assets reviewed, selected and approved within GLOBALedit , then moved into Xinet automatically.

-How GLOBALedit and Xinet work together to improve your team’s workflow and help you get to market faster.

-A live demo of the GLOBALedit platform while learning about real use cases from customers such as Turner Broadcasting, Publicis and more.

For more information contact GLOBALedit:

Posted by Jennifer McClary

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