Tips & Tricks: Using Keyboard Commands for Fast Editing 

Monday, August 19, 2013 9:27:00 AM

Here's a useful short cut guide for using keyboard commands within GLOBALedit. 

Increase your workflow productivity by using Keyboard Commands to streamline making ratings and switching tools. Keyboard commands are available for a variety of functions within GLOBALedit.

Keyboard Commands

Select All
CTRL + A / Command + A
Shift + ? 
Shift + B 
Switch to Asset Notes
Shift + N 
Switch to Metadata Editor
Shift + M 
Switch to Markup Editor
Shift + K 
Switch to Contact Sheet
Shift + C 
Switch to Derivative Manager
Shift + D 
Star Rating
0 - 5 
Switch to Text Tool
Switch to Pen Tool
Switch to Hand Tool
Save Metadata
CTRL + S / Command + S 

We even designed a keyboard command to access an entire list of commands! Try this by pressing SHIFT + ? on your keyboard. This window is also accessible if you prefer to select the icon (see screenshot below).



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