The Future of Work 

Monday, September 24, 2012 8:50:00 AM

PSFK is running a fantastic reporting series, The Future of Work. The month-long series explores influences, trends and presents forward-moving innovation in the way the design, advertising and digital industries work.

PSFK contributor Wesley Robinson interviewed our VP of Product and Technology, Albert Song and Business Development Manager, Matt Glueckert to determine how technology is changing how we can work seamlessly with global teams. In response, we showed them our newest product, the GLOBALedit LightTable! Here's a peak of the interview...


What problem are you trying to solve?

Albert Song: ...The LightTable really evolved out of the questions, “What if we can do this? What if we can work in this way, especially in a creative atmosphere?” Working in front of a workstation and a big screen, it’s one way of working. But it doesn’t really lend itself to the way that Creatives have liked to work.”

If you’ve ever seen a traditional light table. That’s what people are used to. They want a stack of images. They want a stack of slides and transparencies. They want to work with them in a really physical way. That’s extremely efficient in its own right.

We gained some efficiencies with all the data. Individuals can process a lot more data. We lost that physical aspect to it, that communication and collaboration was lacking, but this is really cool because it’s bringing that back. When people come to it, it’s very natural. It’s intuitive. People just get it.




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