Victoria's Secret talks about GLOBALedit 

Monday, October 26, 2009 11:03:47 AM

BJ Gray, AVP of Marketing Operations for Victoria's Secret Stores, discusses the company's journey to find a DAM system and why they chose GLOBALedit in this "DAM for Marketing" article by Peter van Teeseling.

In the article, BJ discusses Victoria's Secret's journey for a hosted web-based DAM system that could store and manage 12TB of assets (over 430,000 images), enable workflow services, connect different teams of users across their different sub-brands, and why they decided upon GLOBALedit.

"We’ve really increased our efficiency in time in getting projects done and images selected. We’re not in the dinosaur ages anymore of moving the images on a hard drive—having the art director upload them onto her screen—picking which ones she likes. It’s really being done instantaneously on GLOBALedit." BJ Gray 

Victoria's Secret has been using GLOBALedit since 2007 and we are happy to be working with such a great partner.  Thank you BJ Gray for your comments.  To read more about our partnership with Victoria's Secret please click here.


Posted by Irene Yoo

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